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Muntjac Deer's Nose

Muntjac Deer's Nose

Liddy Bug is a muntjac deer. Her nose moves pretty much all the time. She is outside in a exercise pen smelling the camera.

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Animal Facts with Robert Irwin: Muntjac Deer

Kid animal expert Robert Irwin is back to share some facts about a baby Muntjac deer, like its diet, where it lives and its keen sense of smell. Subscribe NOW to ...

Woodland Wildlife of Britain: Muntjac Deer, Reeves's Muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi)

The Reeves's muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi). It takes its name from John Reeves, an employee of the British East India Company in the 19th century. Reeves's ...


Dog playing with a muntjac 2017 October!!!

Pet Muntjac deer

Liddy Bug is now 4 weeks old ! Her favorite new food she has tried is Banana Puffs for babies. She makes a squeaky toy noise when she is \

Muntjac Deer goes \

Filmed at the Scottish Deer Centre - a cute little Muntjac Deer (or Muntjac Deet) making the best noise ever. Sorry for the lack of videos! I've been unable to do a ...

Indian muntjac or Barking Deer

The common muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak), also called the red muntjac, Indian muntjac or barking deer, is the most numerous muntjac deer species. It has soft ...

Muntjac deer on Leash

Liddy Bug does great on the leash ! We have been leash training her for a while. She is very calm and likes to nibble on all the grass she comes across. But she ...

Muntjac Deer - UK Wildlife

Some footage from a few years ago. Trying to hand feed Muntjac deer. Introduced to the UK, these deer are originally from China and Taiwan. Music - Wings ...

muntjac deer gets stuck in a cereal box

Athena loves to get into any food she can find. She sometimes gets her head stuck in things too. lol. At the end the bobcat gets the cereal box.

Muntjac Deer Barking

a doe and buck Muntjac deer barking.

Reeves' Muntjac \

My encounter with a \

Muntjac Deer ***

http://www.facts-about.org.uk/animals-deer.htm Watch this Muntjac Deer video and observe the behavior, movement and habits of this species of wild animal.


We're out in the woods on recon, when this cracking Muntjac buck comes charging into the call! It's truly incredible to experience nature so close up.. Enjoy!

Barking Muntjac Deer

A Muntjac Deer barking in the woods.

Wildlife Thailand - Muntjac - natural nerves

The natural nervousness of wild barking deer in their natural habitat. It is very different from those animals seen close to roads which are habitualized. See more ...

Muntjac deer's use of dog flap surprises Wiltshire owner - BBC News

A rescued muntjac deer has learned to use a dog flap to get into its owner's house. John Slater, from Malmesbury in Wiltshire, rescued the animal after it was hit ...

Barking deer in Night Safari,Singapore. Indian Muntjac.red muntjac.Hiran

deer. barking deer. night safari singapore. muntjac. deer videos. animals in night. animal video. hiran. Barking deer in Night Safari,Singapore. Indian Muntjac.red ...

Happy Hollow | Get to know the Muntjac

Say hello to Jack. He's a Muntjac, also known as Barking Deer. Muntjac are the oldest known deer, appearing 15-35 million years ago, with remains found in ...

Meepers the Muntjac

Meepers a pet Muntjac deer enjoying a large strawberry. She is a 2 month old Reeves Muntjac.

Tracking a shot Muntjac


WILDLIFE - Muntjac Deer HD


Muntjac Deer Barking in Hong Kong!

Muntjac Deer Barking in Hong Kong! In this video, you can hear the Muntjac deer also known as barking deer because they somehow sound like dogs?

Primitive Technology : Find Food Meat Muntjac Deer with Bamboo - Cooking Muntjac with Coconut

New Video Every everyday GET READY...things are about to get Wilderness Life Channel 1.Primitive Technology : Find Food Meat Muntjac Deer with Bamboo ...

Hunting And Cooking with Mike Robinson: How to Make Muntjac Meatballs

Mike Robinson shows you how to cook a delicious venison meatball recipe with the venison from a wild muntjac deer. A very simple recipe, which delivers a ...

Muntjac deer in the New Forest

This is one of a series of short video clips showing the wonders of the natural world in the New Forest National Park. For more on this and other species visit ...

Muntjac Deer eats grass & birds Wicken fen 10feb15 Cambridgeshire UK 233p

muntjac derr eting grass, Always change quality to 1080p or original quality as Youtube default to a lower resolution so video doesnt look as good as it should !

Calling Muntjac / Kijang

A Male muntjac / Kijang coming 5 meters towards us ....What a nice day to see a beautifull red wild Muntjac / Kijang in the forest...save the wild...(using ...

Muntjac Deer in woodland

Mother with fawn foraging within dense woodland, captured using a Bushnell trail camera.

Squeaking muntjac

Had a bit of fun with this young muntjac buck.

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